We strive to provide the highest quality, evidence based approach in the treatment of your foot & ankle complaints


Is your poor foot function leading to pain and injury?

Custom foot orthotics may help to improve foot function and in turn reduce pain and prevent injury.

Our custom foot orthotics are created using the most up to date technology and the highest quality materials. Using 3D scanning technology to capture the most accurate image of your foot, resulting in the perfect orthotic for your feet.
We also cater for growing children’s feet; with a range of prefabricated orthotics which can be customised to suit almost any foot complaint.


Struggle with callus & corns or even just trimming your toenails?
Our friendly podiatrists treat all foot complaints.
We can conduct routine skin and nail care to keep your feet in the best shape all year round. We will also assess your feet and gait to identify possible causes for callus build up or those painful corns.


Our podiatrists have a wealth of knowledge and a keen focus on sporting injury and rehabilitation.
From acute ankle sprains to chronic Achilles tendon pain and everything in between, we can help.
We also have the added benefit of being part of a multidisciplinary health team with Physiotherapists, Massage therapists and Pilates on site.


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you will know that it is very important to look after your feet.
Our podiatrists conduct neurovascular (diabetic foot) assessments and can help you keep your feet healthy for as long as possible.
We also accept Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plans from your GP and offer medicare rebatable visits to those with a valid EPC.


Is your child struggling with pain in the feet or have you noticed that their walking is just not quite right?
Team member Ian North has a wealth of knowledge in the area of podopaediatrics (Children's footcare) in fact he has even lectured in the area.
From general assessment to growth related conditions our team will help your child reach there full potential!


Our highly qualified podiatrists can provide the right treatment for your ingrown toenail/s.
Conservative treatment is always a first line option however sometimes surgical avulsion is required.
Our podiatrists conduct ingrown toenail procedures under sterile conditions in the clinic.
For more information on these procedures please call the clinic to arrange an appointment (08) 9417 3733.


Struggle to find fashionable high quality footwear for your feet? Not sure what shoes to fit your orthotics into?
Our podiatrists are the experts in footwear advice and will set you on the path to perfect footwear!
We also offer advice for sports specific footwear eg. Football boots


Concerned about the way you walk or run?
Suffering from recurrent injury or soreness?
Our podiatrists can assess and breakdown your gait to pinpoint areas of improvement.
Correcting gait can reduce injury and improve performance.


Struggle to get to the clinic?
Call the clinic on (08) 9417 3733 to discuss one of our podiatrists visiting you at home for foot care.


Is heel pain affecting your quality of life? Unbearable pain in those first few steps each morning or at the end of a long day. As heel pain is one of the most common conditions we treat the Podiatrists at Cockburn Central Podiatry really are the experts.