Pediatric Podiatry Perth


Children may experience foot problems just like adults, however, the structure and function of a child’s foot is very different from the adult foot, and treatment needs to be handled more delicately. Cockburn Central Podiatry provide Pediatric Podiatry solutions for Perth children in a safe and friendly environment, by Podiatrists with a wealth of experience.


Foot problems may be present from birth or may develop over time. Identifying the cause of these foot problems and whether or not they will resolve on their own can be a difficult task; however, our Podiatrists have a wealth of experience in Pediatric Podiatry and can help by diagnosing and recommending a tailored treatment plan for your child. 

Common Podiatry Conditions Observed In Children Are:

  • Clubfeet - The condition of which a newborn’s foot or feet are rotated at the ankle and the soles of the feet face each other.

  • Sever’s Disease - The condition in which the growth plate in the lower back of the heel becomes inflamed, thus causing pain.

  • Metatarsus Adductus (Bean Foot) - The condition that causes a newborn’s front half of the foot or forefoot to turn inward.

  • Intoeing - When a child’s feet turn inward instead of pointing straight ahead when walking or running.

  • Toe-walking - When a child walks on the balls of their feet without their heel touching the ground.

  • Flat Feet - The condition in which the arches of the foot collapse. 

  • Wart/Verruca/Plantar Warts - Warts located on the soles of your feet, caused by a virus spread via tiny cuts or weak spots on feet.

Sever’s Disease


When children have growth spurts, they may experience growing pains or tenderness in one or both heels. This occurs due to the swelling and irritation of the growth plate in the heel. Kids who are 9-14 years of age, or active in sports are commonly affected with the ‘Sever’s Disease’ condition. If you notice your child showing the symptoms of Sever’s Disease including limping, walking on tiptoes, swelling or redness in the heel, or pain when pressure is applied in the heel, consider taking them to your local Perth Podiatrist for effective treatments. Treatments for sever’s disease may be tailored exercise plans, using shoe inserts from Podiatrists to decrease stress in the heel, ensuring your child wears shoes that do not touch or irritate the heel, or using a compression wrap to help with swelling. Once your child has been treated and has no symptoms of swelling or pain, they may go back to sports and previous activities. 


Flat Feet in Children

Flat Feet is a condition when the child’s feet do not have an arch while standing. It is common in infants and children and needs treatment if it causes discomfort or pain. Arches in the feet provide spring to steps and help distribute body weight to adapt to stress and surfaces. 


Podiatrists will diagnose Flat Feet in children by observing the child’s foot shape and functionality. Fitted insoles, orthotics, or custom-designed arch supports may suppress pressure and pain but will suggest permanent solutions to cure the condition depending on severity.

Warts / Verruca / Plantar Warts


Plantar Warts are small clusters of warts on the bottom of your child’s foot. You can distinguish them with their black dots appearing in the middle of the wart and pain caused when walking or standing. 

Plantar Warts are commonly spread by kids between the ages of 4yo to mid-teens, due to the opportunity of spread in schools. 


For an effective and permanent treatment for Plantar Warts, visit your Podiatrist to check the severity of the Plantar Warts. Cockburn Central Podiatry will treat the virus with a pain-free Salicylic Acid paste, which removes the warts over time and provides a cost-effective, easy in clinic and at-home solution for the long-term results.


GP’s typically treat Plantar Warts by freezing them with Liquid Nitrogen, which can be quite painful, and is often very traumatising for children, and can create adverse reactions to visiting your GP, be costly over a period of time, and may not always work. Our Podiatrists at Cockburn Central Podiatry provide a much more effective, long lasting and gentle solution to Plantar Warts, administering a topical treatment in our clinic, which you can also administer at home with an ointment we can provide to you. 


If your child is struggling, trust the Podiatrists at Cockburn Central Podiatry to restore them to full function!