Heel Pain


Heel pain commonly affects our clients quality of life. Imagine not being able to do the simple things like take the dog for a walk, play with your children or compete in sporting events without pain! Unfortunately heel pain is all to common! In fact it is the number one problem we treat at Cockburn Central Podiatry.

Heel pain can come from a varienty of different causes: most commonly Plantar Fasciopathy (commonly known as Plantar Fasciitis), Heel Spur, Fat Pad injury & Bony injury or lesion.

These may stem from poor foot function, unsupportive footwear, overuse, trauma, weight-gain & change in training/ work surfaces.

The role of our Podiatrists is to determine the cause and impacting factors to implement a treatment program with the goals of reducing pain and increasing function. 


If you have been putting up with pain for far too long why not book an appointment with one of our heel pain specialists today!