Medical Grade Foot Cleanse

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Prepare your feet for summer with our medical grade Podiatry foot cleanse, nail and skin treatment. For the month of October, all new clients who book in for a Medical Grade Foot Cleanse will receive a ‘Restorate’ heel balm half price! So, book online today and have pretty, healthy and happy feet for summer!


Some of our patients struggle to maintain foot care due to pregnancy, aches or pains. If you struggle to attend to your feet, we can help. Many of our patients are able to tend to their own feet, however they simply enjoy having their feet attended to by a healthcare professional.​


What are the Benefits of a Medical Grade Foot Cleanse?


Enjoy the fresh feeling of soft, clean, and healthy feet by a health professional and be beach and party season ready!


Reduce or Remove Calluses and Unsightly Cracked Heels

Calluses are thick, hardened layers of skin that are formed due to the skin trying to protect itself from fraction and pressure. They may cause discomfort or may just be unsightly. Cracked heels are caused by the pressure of everyday activities decreasing the moisture levels in the heel area. This imbalance makes the skin dry and fragile, splitting the skin apart and causing the ‘cracked heel’ appearance in feet. Medical Grade Foot Cleanses will professionally reduce or remove calluses and cracked heels.


Correct Toenail Cutting Improves Toenail Health


Cutting toenails correctly prevents adverse effects, such as Ingrown Toenails. Podiatrists are skilled in toenail cutting techniques for optimal nail health and growth.


Private Health Fund Rebatable

Another great benefit of our Medical Grade Foot Cleanse is that it is private health fund rebatable. Tend to your feet 


We make maintaining your foot health easy. Cockburn Central Podiatry operates with strict infection and health protocols. Our equipment and instruments are sterilised and adhere to Australian Health Care Facility guidelines. Treat your feet today!